Statement: Ride-sharing won’t fix Metro’s problems with District workers

Local 25 is deeply skeptical of WMATA’s reported plan to subsidize ride-sharing instead of reinstating extended service hours. The proposal is a PR stunt meant to distract from Metro’s long-standing indifference to the transit needs of working families in our region.

Metro’s current service hours cater directly to office workers on 9-5 schedules while marginalizing shift workers—including those in the hospitality industry and others —who commute at all hours of the day and night. The District’s white-collar class would never tolerate this, and there’s no reason that its working families should have to either. That WMATA’s plan essentially proposes to privatize a part of our public transportation infrastructure in the process only adds insult to injury.

While the details of this plan are still emerging, we are doubtful that the proposed subsidy would make a significant dent in the cost of a ride-share from the center of town to the suburbs where many of our members live.  This plan would continue to result in lost wages, significant expenses, and excessively long commute times for hospitality workers.

It’s past time for WMATA to stop distracting the public with half-measures. The Metro Board must vote this Thursday to return to extended hours. Anything less would serve as yet another reminder of their total disregard for the workers who keep this region running.