Working for working people

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If you want to further the cause of social justice, and if you believe that doing so requires changing the distribution of power in society, then you should consider devoting your energy and talents to growing the American labor movement with Local 25.

Labor unions have done more than any other institution in this country to challenge the power of the wealthy in America and improve the lives of working families.

Unions attack the symptoms and the causes of injustice by making major, tangible improvements in the lives of working people, and by providing a means for working people to exercise their collective power.


open positions


Local 25 is looking for talented, hard-working, practical, tough-minded college graduates to work as union organizers.  Union organizing is a difficult job requiring the right kind of personality, unusual determination, and unique skills and abilities.

Organizers work to help develop a rank-and-file leadership structure. The purpose of this structure is to increase the participation of the membership in the union and to enhance the union's ability to mobilize our members for large-scale action in order to organize non-union workers, fight for higher wages and better benefits, and increase the rights of hotel workers in D.C.

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