Workers' Compensation


for workplace injuries

Workers' Compensation is a government program which provides compensation for employees who are injured while on the job.

Medical expenses related to workplace injuries may be covered by Workers' Compensation. In some cases weekly income benefits are available under the Workers' Compensation program.

Workers' Compensation is not a union benefit. Under Maryland, Virginia, and District law, employers are required to obtain Workers' Compensation insurance.

Members who are hurt on the job should notify their employer's Human Resources department immediately to file a claim and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Members who are unable to work because of an injury or sickness unrelated to work are not eligible for Workers' Compensation, but may be eligible for short- or long-term disability, which is a benefit of the union contract.

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Need a lawyer?

Members who believe they may qualify for Workers' Compensation, but would like to consult a lawyer can call the union office at (202) 737-2225.